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I am a freelanced sculptor and bodypainter.
This website contains mostly my photographic works.
Creating pictures or scenes and catching photographic images have played a significant role in my life for more than 30 years.

My inspiration comes from a diverse range of experiences through travel, the natural world, situations and occasions and interaction with people, objects and the elements. .

My work currently aspires to connect sculpting and photography in my photographic performances. This is particularly evident in my "mask-plays". From the year 2007 I undertook this project by creating masks and presenting them in various scenes with myself, with models and utilised body painting and different everyday accessories in different locations.

To date, I have employed modern electronic programs when processing some of my pictures, but I am finding the possibilities uninspiring, and the authentic picture "out of the box" is the real challenge to me.
As a consequence I prefer analogue black and white photography

The images should be surreal, erotically, ironical, humorous and sometimes acid-tongued as well.
Many of them are inspired by my knowledge of anthropology and old anthropological photographs from the last century, and my works aim to combine the stylistic appliance of burlesque and an appreciation of human ways of life that have vanished.

Ireland has held a particularly deep significance and connection to me privately and professionally for more that three decades, which is why I am introducing many of my Irish impressions here.